Here's how to FastTrack Your Ability to Communicate With Animals with Improved Proficiency and Confidence in Just 6 Months or Less. 

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Experience the most comprehensive, down to earth animal communication and healing training program available!

For qualified "right fit" people, the 6 Months to Mastery Animal Communication Heart Wisdom Program is exactly what you want, but it's not for everybody. 

How do you know if this is right for you? If your goal is to be proficient and competent communicating with animals, and you prefer to take the FastTrack instead of the "slow lane", then this is what you've been looking for.

The FastTrack 6 month to animal communication mastery program is perfect for animal lovers who don't want to mess around with hit or miss one off classes...

You don't want to bother with traveling and rearranging schedules to take (and retake) physical workshops... 

You don't like being all alone or feeling isolated while learning a new skill with no support, feedback, or ongoing expert guidance...

You love animals and want to know what they think, how they feel, be able to solve behavior and training problems, relieve pain and improve their health, ease transitions, communicate with them in the afterlife, and find them when they reincarnate.

You are ready to discover how to communicate with animals confidently and accurately, to become proficient as quickly as possible. 

You may even want to be a professional practitioner helping animals and the people who love them, and enjoy making a good income at the same time!

If that describes you, then keep reading because you are going to love this. 

Hi, I'm Val Heart, known as The Real Dr Doolittle.

I'm the Founder of The Heart School of Animal Communication and host of the BEST online Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club.

I've been a professional animal communicator and healer since 1993.

And I've been teaching animal lovers how to communicate with animals since I first figured out how to teach people how to do what I do, way back in 1996.
The FastTrack Program is a great fit for spiritually minded pet parents and anyone working with animals, including pet sitters, trainers, groomers, rescue/shelter/foster people, veterinarians, vet techs, behaviorists, and the like.

I teach my unique Heart Wisdom “LOVE” Method of learning animal communication in an online, easily accessible school (including basics, advanced and special topic self-study courses plus opportunities to practice what you're learning in our coaching club).

My goal is to guide highly sensitive animal lovers so you can advance to the highest level possible, and even go professional if you’d like to do that.

As you learn, the Heart Wisdom Method takes you on an all encompassing, spiritual journey to heal, evolve and grow into your best Self, aligned with and able to commune at will with animals anywhere, anytime, about anything. Whether they are in their physical body or in Spirit form, you will be able to communicate. 


Here's how the FastTrack 6 Months to Animal Communication Mastery Program works: 

I have a wonderful program for people who love animals and want to become highly proficient at communicating with them using my method (known as the Heart Wisdom Love Method). As you learn, you'll be going on an all encompassing, spiritual journey to heal, evolve and grow into your best Self. ​ ​
The program is a sequence of different trainings, and the further you go, the more competent you will be in my method. My “right fit” qualified students move through four levels of competence: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and proficient.
We work together for 6 months with the goal of becoming proficient by the end. In addition to 1-on-1 support, you also get self-study material and group coaching, practice, and training opportunities. (If you would rather work solely 1-on-1 in a completely customized program, DM me and we'll see if it's a good fit for you.)
Here is how we work together over the 6 months, broken down by each milestone of ability level:

The process begins with a course teaching how to understand your ego psyche to heal your inner wounds, how to connect with your inner guidance, and how to activate your intuitive abilities (a prerequisite for being able to communicate with animals). This is important because if you don't do your inner healing, then you'll block yourself, or, misinterpret animal messages through the filter of your own wounds.
Then the course gives you an overview to animal communication so you can understand what it is (and what it's not) and how it actually works in a very practical, not a woo-woo kind of way. You'll learn about the 4 main intuitive abilities and how to develop them, how to send and receive then correctly interpret dog messages, how to connect heart to heart, mind to mind, and begin a conversation.
It’s time to practice what you’re learning because that's the only way to improve your confidence and accuracy. Students need to practice communicating with other people's pets because you are simply too close to your own pets to get any real clarity and grow your confidence.
To help you with that, we provide an online membership where you can put your learnings from the course into practice. This involves communicating with other animal lovers and their animals via an online membership portal, and getting feedback from each animal's person (who knows them best) on how well you connected with the animal and how accurate you were in the information you received.
You'll have access to me in the monthly live masterclasses and group Q & A coaching calls, along with recordings of the masterclasses and Q&A's.

You'll get access to an advanced course that gives even more training on how to have successful conversations, including what to say, the right questions to ask to move through stuck places in the conversation and get results.
This course provides examples of how to handle conversations on specific and sensitive topics such as how to help your animal when they're in pain, favorite techniques for healing, how to work with behavior problems, with groups of animals, domestic and wild animals, preparing for and easing transitions, communicating with them in spirit, and how to find them when your pet reincarnates (20+ different specific scenarios are included).
You'll continue your practice with other animal lovers and their animals in our online membership, as well as continuing to attend your 1-on-1 coaching calls, live masterclasses, and live group Q & A calls.
The online membership will also have many other learning and enrichment opportunities for you, such as new trainings every month on specific topics, the chance to have your pet be a featured animal teacher for the other students, and lessons on developing your intuition.
You also get six 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me during the 6-month program.

​Your Investment:

The expected time to reach proficiency by the end is 2-4 hours per week spent on the program.

The investment for the 6-month program is normally $5,997 (which can be broken up into 3 or 6 monthly payments). 

IF YOU GET IT NOW DURING OUR 40% OFF HOLIDAY SALE, IT'S ONLY $3,599 (or choose a payment plan).
Please note that you can purchase the courses, private sessions, and online membership separately if you don't prefer to do the whole 6-month program right now. 
Given that this program provides full animal communication training and expert coaching for Gold and Platinum Club members, intuition development lessons, and instruction in how to help animals in all stages of life, the investment is quite small especially compared to the costs of hiring professional communicators to do these things for you.
If you wish to follow your passion for animals and have your own practice being the voice for animals, it will prepare you to launch your own successful career as an animal communicator.
Compared to the expense of going to college or a vocational school, this unique foundational education and training prepares you for an exciting, fulfilling career helping animals and the people who love them, or simply enjoy practicing communicating as a hobby or to help and better understand your own animals.

For the "right fit" students, you'll get the best results from this program if you are:
1. Highly sensitive and spiritual, have done a lot of inner work or personal therapy, and may feel empathic.
2. Interested in or are open to doing meditation and guided, focusing exercises.
3. You may also practice yoga, reiki or other healing modalities.
4. It's a great fit for all open minded animal parents. caretakers, anyone working with animals, including pet sitters, trainers, groomers, rescue/shelter/foster people, veterinarians, vet techs, behaviorists, and the like.

If this feels like a great fit for you and you're ready, click the button below and we'll get started.
Imagine how your life will change when you have peace, clarity, confidence and a clear connection with animals and you can communicate with animals about anything, anywhere, anytime you wish.

"Wow, this really works! Val teaches so many ways to tap in and open up to accomplish my communication goals. I had a fantastic conversation with a cat today that blew my mind, and yesterday a bird told me which toy they wanted to play with. It's so much fun! I’ve been to ‘famous’ animal communicator’s workshops and was not nearly as impressed. This is great! "  Janice Fitzgerald

Let's take a closer look at what all is included in the 6 Months to Mastery Animal Communication FastTrack Program:

Beginning Core Foundations Heart Wisdom Course 

Get all your basics down in the Beginning Course so you can grow your communication skills quickly and easily. It comes with the Awaken Your Inner Guidance System Course too. 

You’ll learn important animal caretaking skills AND have a lot of fun too! 

Inside you’ll discover your Signature Intuitive Styles (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance), the nuts and bolts of how information is shared telepathically, how to quickly connect mind to mind, heart to heart, anywhere, anytime, and you'll get to feel how this works for YOU so you can experience it for yourself firsthand. 

You’ll learn how to communicate with animals in person and long distance, how to ease transitions, and how to reconnect with animals on the other side, and much much more!

Discover how easy it is to quick connect and to communicate with animals anywhere, anytime.

Plus you'll know how to SEND and RECEIVE their messages so you can enjoy full 2 way conversations like talking with your best friend.

And you'll finally know how to successfully interpret your pet's responses so you know what they are thinking and feeling, and what they most need and want to be happy and healthy.

What has your pet been trying to tell you? Jump in and you'll soon find out. 

You can access this wonderful, best selling, student favorite self study online digital course anytime that fits your schedule. There are no time limits to complete it, and you can redo the exercises as often as you wish! (Regularly $497)

Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Topics Course 

You’ve taken a Beginning course, so now you KNOW how animal talk works because you have a foundation of knowledge to build on.

Sometimes it works perfectly for you and it’s such an incredible experience!! But other times? Maybe not so much or it just doesn’t come as easily. What goes wrong for you, and more importantly, how do you fix it so you’re connected and happily communicating with animals?

The Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Online Course is all about taking that next critical step because communication is one thing, comprehension and knowing what to do with the messages you get, it the important part. 

You’ll learn how to improve your accuracy and your confidence. How to talk to animals about problem behavior, about their health, and about everything that affects them from A – Z.

You can access this wonderful, best selling, student favorite self study online digital course anytime that fits your schedule.

It includes the Heart of the Conversation 7 Step Blueprint for Successful Conversations with Animals Course too. 

There are no time limits to complete it, and you can redo the exercises as often as you wish! (Regularly $497)

The Animal Lovers Toolkit for Savvy Pet Parents

You'll love this wonderful collection of self study special topics courses (reg $97 - $197 each):

Coping With Pet Loss 
How to Help Your Pet Overcome Fear of Fireworks and Storms

Paws Before Dying - Enjoying your pets golden years, easing transitions and beyond into the Afterlife 
3 Easy Ways to Heal Using Animal Talk and Animal Reiki 
Barometers of our Souls: Exploring the Mysteries of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection

Awaken Your Inner Guidance

The HEART of the Conversation 7 Step Blueprint for Successful Conversations with Animals 

Plus: You'll get Six 1-hour private coaching sessions with Val Heart, including your session digital recordings

Personal Mentoring with Val designed to help you master the material, get answers to any questions you might have, receive support if you get stuck or feel blocked, and help diving deeper into the magical world of animals. (regularly $3,060)

How can you become competent in speaking your pets language if you don't practice properly and get guidance to grow your confidence, accuracy and abilities? We've got you covered here too because...  

You also get 12 Months FREE in the Elite Platinum Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club 

Next it’s time to practice so you can grow your skills! 

Practicing what you’re learning is the only way to improve your proficiency, confidence and accuracy. We provide an online membership group (with over 100 members all over the world currently, and growing) where you can put your learnings from the course into practice.

This involves communicating with other animal talk student's animals via an online membership portal, and getting feedback from each animal's person (who knows them best) on how well you connected with the animal and how accurate you were in the information you received.​​

It's a complete online portal where everything you need will be at your fingertips. Designed to support you in growing your confidence and accuracy, by helping you master your intuitive abilities with animal communication. Live Q&A Coaching Calls, Masterclasses, ongoing trainings and bonuses just for being a Gold Club Member.

Enjoy the Featured Animal Teacher conversations, plus a wide variety of animals to practice talking with so you can get feedback. 

This is so important because if you are practicing wrong or making mistakes, you'll need help figuring out where you messed up so you can fix it, gain more clarity and get back on track. 

That's the only way to improve your confidence and accuracy.

There are also student favorite intuition development lessons in your student account, and much more.

And yes, help with your own animals too! 

Join me and your animal talk student colleagues around the world in the BEST online Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Membership Club. (Regular dues are $97/Month)

All this is included for free with the 6 Months to Mastery Animal Communication Program AND You'll Enjoy Immediate Access when you sign up. 
You'll get all of this as an Elite Platinum Club Member:
  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls 
  • ​​​Monthly Live Masterclasses 
  • ​Help with my pet's specific problem
  • ​​Intuition Development Lessons
  • ​Private Student Breakthrough Laser Sessions
  • ​​Featured Animal Teacher of the Month Game
  • ​​Opportunities to practice with well over 100 animals so I can grow my abilities, accuracy and confidence
  • ​New Animal Talk Trainings every month
  • ​​Membership in a private community of people just like you who love animals and are learning together so they can help and heal more animals.
  • ​​And so much more!!  
Listen, I know I've got the best animal communication training program out there, but here's the deal. I don't work with everybody. In fact, I only work with a select few people. To prove to me that you qualify and are a good fit for my Program, you need to decide how important this is to you, and if you're willing to put the time and attention into it. I'm giving you the best of the best, everything you need, nothing you don't, including my 100% commitment to you being successful, confident, and proficient with your intuitive, telepathic abilities. If you aren't willing to do the same, then this isn't the Program for you. 

We Put Our Money Where Our Heart Is

We are giving you EVERY opportunity to grow your skills the fastest with the FastTrack 6 Months to Animal Communication Mastery Program, Experience the joy of hearing your pets voice for yourself. You'll finally KNOW exactly what is on your pet's mind because you'll be able to communicate through TWO WAY CONVERSATIONS with them.

So instead of a traditional 30-day guarantee, you have two full months to go through the Program, attend the monthly Live Heart Wisdom Masterclasses, participate in the monthly Live Q&A Coaching Calls, and practice communicating with our animal teachers so you can get feedback to improve your intuitive skills and confidence.

Don’t even decide today! Put it to the test and if in the next 2 months you don’t see the difference the 6 Months to Mastery Animal Communication Program makes with your pet, then you can get your money back. All you need to do is complete the Courses, pass the quizzes, participate in the live classes, and complete the Program. Show me you did the exercises exactly like I taught you and tell me what happened.

My promise is to provide the best communication training in the world on learning how to talk with animals. We've spend a lot of time and resources creating these materials and hosting the Club for students just like you so you can be the best you can be. If you do the work and are not fully satisfied, head over heels thrilled with your new intuitive abilities and skills, then let us know and I’ll give 100% of your money back.

Don't miss the 40% Off Holiday Sale! For a limited time, you can save with a single payment of $3,599, or choose 6 monthly installments of just $600

Go ahead! Click the Red Button, enter your information into the secure order form, and get started today! 

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this Program is intended to be a guarantee of results for you. I have no idea what you're willing to do or how hard you're willing to work, and just like I can't brush your teeth for you, YOU have to do the work yourself. Some people won't do a darn thing, and then get frustrated when they don't miraculously wake up one day with magical intuitive abilities. As Albert Einstein said, doing the same old things over and over expecting a different result is nutso. 

But if you're willing and qualified, if you fully commit, engage and participate, take advantage of all the benefits of the courses and being an Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club Platinum Member, and do the exercises like I show you, there's no telling how far you can go with your intuitive, telepathic communication and healing abilities. 

That said, my best students experience miraculous communications and results once they learn how, and are delighted with the Heart Wisdom FastTrack 6 month Program and Club Membership by the time they graduate. Many go on to be successful professional communicators, working to make the world a better place for all species. And that's what it's all about. 

What do our students say? 

Val is the Quintessential Leader in this Field

Dear Val - You are so positive, vibrant, careful, open, and all about "connection". Thank you so much. You truly are a blessing. I've studied Animal Communication since the early '90s, and probably watched YouTube videos and taken classes with many/most of the "top" contenders in this field.

For me, you are the quintessential leader in the field and I'm very happy to have linked into your programs. With gratitude... ~ Gracie Best

This Course Helped Me Hear Animal Voices!

I'm so excited! Now I can communicate with any animal, anytime, just like Val said! I talked to a rabbit, a cat and a horse. The rabbit told me why it preferred a certain spot and what life is like as a bunny. The cat told me which food she preferred and why the old food was making her feel sick. And the horse told me what kind of treats he liked the most! 

This is a whole new world. I am amazed and delighted. If you want to learn how to talk to animals, then get this now! ~ Stacey Williams

This is the BEST Thing I've Ever Done

Learning to see the world through the perspective of my horses made me realize what amazing things I was missing. 

There is a whole new level of communication through feelings and visualizations that I was completely unaware of, it's like learning a foreign language and being able to talk to a whole new community of amazing and wonderful people. I love all your courses and teaching style. Taking your courses and participating in the Animal Talk Coaching Club is the best thing I've ever done! Thank you ~~ Joe C.. Dallas, Texas

I Love Being Able to Communicate With Animals

I wanted to learn how to talk with all animals so I first tried it on my little spoiled rotten chihuahua, Tuffy. As he say on the ground looking up at me, I told him I was trying to learn how to talk to animals and needed his help. Would he please tell me something, anything to let me know he knew we were communicating? 

He go up and walked away and I heard him say "That's just silly."

I heard that and said out loud to him, "I'm not going silly."

He turned around immediately and ran back to me and jumped up on my legs staring at me with big wide eyes as if OMG you heard me! I got so excited yelling Oh My God, Oh My God! You could tell we were both in shock. It was amazing!

AND to confirm I really did hear him say that, he was the guest pet on one of the Animal Talk Coaching Club calls and one of the ladies described him perfectly. She said that at the end of the talk, he stated that "Humans are so silly." That's when I kenw for sure I could talk to animals and they could talk to me. 

I have had many wonderful conversations since then with Tuffy and he now sits and cocks his head to listen to me when he wants to talk. I love being able to do this!  ~ Kathy Waits

Val, Damn - You're GOOD! The Courses and the Club are Outstanding

Val, damn - you're good! I've heard a lot of your training calls over the years but this Beginning Animal Communication Course is really outstanding. Then I joined the Animal Talk Coaching Club - OMG! 

This is the best experience ever! I've made friends, my confidence is way better, I've experienced amazing conversations with the Featured Animal Teachers and I love the Q&A Coaching Calls. I loved it so much I upgraded to Platinum membership and discovered that the Masterclasses are fantastic too! 

I feel your passion for what you do, I learned a LOT and am so inspired. All the wonderful exercises you guided me through were wonderful. Thanks! I know I'll listen to them again and again. ~ Amanda S. Eden, New Hampshire, USA

I Am Amazed at How FAST I Can Connect With My Dog Casey!

I have taken other animal communication courses before but didn't get very far, so I had given up. But when I worked with Val, I was so delighted that I decided to try again, so I got her Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations (and Advanced Course too). 

I am amazed at how fast I can connect with my senior dog Casey after only two classes! For instance, I was able to find out what caused the stress he was experiencing and where he had pain. It was an awesome experience. I have never felt more confident about my ability to communicate with all animals. My questions, concerns, doubts have been addressed. And I know that being able to communicate with animals will also help me with my Reiki work with animals. I loved it so much I signed up for the Animal Talk Coaching Club too!

If you are interested in learning how to communicate with animals, I highly recommend ALL of Val's courses. I have been meditating for many years and I find the meditations in the courses are wonderful and very powerful. It will help you get to the quiet space where communion and communication takes place. The Courses are wonderful, well-researched and life changing.
~ Priscilla Lo, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Discover your ability to communicate with animals in 6 months or less! 

This Accelerated Program will teach you exactly what you want to improve your relationship with your animals. Everything you need, nothing you don't.